Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 8 - EPCOT


Today we head to EPCOT. Believe it or not, this is the first time all week that we have made dining reservations. Lunch will be at Les Chefs de France and dinner will be at a place we very rarely go to, Nine Dragons. The reason we rarely go there is that it is simply a Chinese restaurant, and we have plenty of them at home. When it first opened, when EPCOT itself did, it was run by a California Chinese restaurant, and to tell the truth, we didn't particularly care for it, as it is a bit different from NY style Chinese restaurants. Over the years that has changed, and we do like the food there, and decide that Nine Dragons is where we want to eat this evening.

We head over to EPCOT from The Boardwalk on a clear but once again hot and humid morning. Rather than walk over in the heat, since we saw a Friendship approaching the dock, we took that mode of transportation this morning. As we enter via the International Gateway, we have a nice view of France as we head over in that direction.

Sandy takes some time in the giftshop here picking up a few music boxes that she had previously wanted. Since it is early, we start walking around World Showcase Lagoon in a counter-clockwise direction, stopping to look in giftshops along the way. Once again there is a goal though, as Sandy wants to stop in Japan for a few snacks. The stop there is appreciated since the store is nicely air conditioned. We look through the store and finally come to the Japanese snacks at the back. We both buy some and then look at the exhibition across the way.

We then continue towards The American Adventure. When we get there, we find that the times for Voices of Liberty and the theater show don't allow us to stay and still be back at France for lunch, so Sandy checks out some pins at the pin station and then we slowly head back in the direction of France. We make a brief stop in Morocco to check out their giftshop and kill some time. Not long after it is time to head into the restaurant and have lunch. During lunch we get to see Chef Remy making his rounds.

After lunch Sandy and I decide that we are tired and hot - the long hot week is starting to get to us - so we head back to the hotel for a break. When we get back, we decide we may want to go swimming, but it starts raining and the pool is closed down. We decide to go check it out anyway, even if we can't swim right now. We head out and have a look, and then head back to our room for a bit of a nap.

As evening approaches we head back to EPCOT and walk over to China where we will be having dinner. Once again Sandy needs to buy something in particular in the giftshop, so that is our first stop. Once that is accomplished, we head to Nine Dragons and our dinner.

When we are finished, the sun is setting and there is the most amazing sunset. Naturally I have to get a picture - or five. Once done we decide to find a good spot to watch Illuminations from. This will be the first time this trip that we will be seeing it from the park. Up until now we have been watching it from our balcony at the hotel.

We walk around and find a good spot in front of Germany and settle in waiting for Illuminations to begin. Of course, I take this opportunity for some more photos.

And during Illuminations

Once the show is over, we head back to the hotel and prepare for our second attempt at a last day in WDW.

More photos from today can be seen here.