Monday, December 12, 2011

Seeing in Many Ways

Two weeks from today I will be in Walt Disney World, combining three of my favorite things; visiting my daughter (and son-in-law), being in WDW and photography.

As you can imagine, I have taken quite a few photos there over the years, so what is there still to photograph? That being true, the challenge each time is to find ways to photograph the same object, but in a different way. Here are some examples. (You can see the technical information on my photo blog, Gathered Images.)

Last time I was in EPCOT, I succumbed to the urge to photograph Spaceship Earth. Let's face it, we all have. Most of those shots look something like this: 

Taken as you pass through the turnstile, this is the fist thing you see, so naturally you take the picture. Come on, admit it ... I still do. But this time it was not the first picture of Spaceship Earth (please, let's not refer to it as that big golf ball) that I took this day. We came over from The Magic Kingdom (as related in an earlier post) by monorail, and before we left the monorail station, I took this photo:

Personally, I am fascinated by the geometric shapes that make up Spaceship Earth, so as I approached the attraction, I took a photo of this view of the structure:

Getting even more intimate with the thousands of triangular elements as I stood underneath the structure, produced this image:

Then one final shot as I walked up the ramp to get onto the attraction itself:

After that last photo, I was finished for the day when it came to taking more photos of Spaceship Earth, but as we waited for Illuminations to begin that night, I took a few more. Here are two of them:

In two weeks, I will once again be in EPCOT and the challenge once more will be how to take pictures of Spaceship Earth - and most of the other objects in the park - that are different from what I have taken on my many visits in the past. Stick around, and I will show you what I accomplish.