Sunday, September 4, 2011

WDW Wedding Trip - Day 2 - 8/23/11

Today will be a busy day. Lots of things to do, starting with a family character breakfast at Cape May Café at the Beach Club. We have often eaten at Cape May, but always for their clambake dinner, so this will be the first time we will be having breakfast there. Of course, the reason we are doing this is for my grandtwins, but the food at any Disney character breakfast is always good, and this proves to be no exception. The highlight for the boys is the Mickey Mouse shaped waffles. (It's not the first time they have had them, or even the first time they have been to a character breakfast.) The adults also have plenty to eat. At Cape May Café we are visited by Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Donald Duck all ready for their day at the beach.

After breakfast, my son and his family have to check in at the Yacht Club where they will be staying for the next few days. Sandy and I then head over to Disney's Hollywood Studios for the single purpose of seeing the new Star Tours. (On the boat over back we pass the pavilion where the wedding will take place tomorrow.)  While we were standing on line to get in, a film crew (yes, this was a real one) was filming a TV commercial for the updated attraction. However, I am sure that we were standing behind a post during the shoot so you won't see us.

Returning from the Studios on the Friendship I saw a post from my cousin (who is also here in Disney World) that she had heard that there had been an earthquake back home. I looked online and found early reports that there had indeed been a 5.6 earthquake centered just south of Washington, DC - in Virginia. I also started hearing others on the boat talking with friends and family back home. We aren't known to have earthquakes of this magnitude on the east coast so this was quite an event. Usually when we do have an earthquake it is not something that most people are aware of - unless they happen to see the water rippling in their toilets ... I had.

In the late afternoon, Iris, along with Sandy, Jason's mom and a few other girls will be going for afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian. During this time I will meet Bobby and the twins at the Magic Kingdom (MK). About an hour before we have agreed to meet there, I leave the room to head over to the MK. As I get on the bus, the sky is still bright and sunny, but as we head to the MK the skies open up and the daily downpour occurs. Happily, this is Florida and as we approach the MK bus station, the rain stops, though it remains overcast. I head over to the porch of the Main Street Theater and sit and wait for my son.

During this time I speak with him on the phone and as the rain starts and stops a number of times, I give him the option of passing on coming over. However, he decides it will be okay and soon he and the boys are in the park. After picking up a few mouse ears (and having them personalized) for a friend we decide to head to Fantasyland and pull fastpasses for Winnie the Pooh. That done, we head over to It's a Small World. The boys have been on this a few times before but are still totally immersed in the attraction as we float through. Of course, this scene is totally appropriate for us on this trip.

After It's a Small World we start heading over to Winnie the Pooh, but when the boys see the carrousel, they want to ride, so we get on line and rather quickly are onboard.

That done, Winnie the Pooh is next, our fastpasses now valid. (One of the twins' favorite character is Tigger, so he is always happy to see him.)

After we exit the attraction, it is obvious that the rain will continue on and off for the rest of the day so we decide to head back. My son gives me a lift back to the Boardwalk and he and the boys head back to their resort. Tomorrow will be a big day ... The Wedding!!

(More pictures from today can be seen here.


  1. Ah, the excitement builds! Can't wait to hear all the romantic details of your daughter's fairy tale wedding!

  2. Such an awesome story Mark, I feel like I was there and I feel like part of the family. Still can't believe our connection, what a small world...