Monday, July 2, 2012

Where in WDW? Challenge 12

It's time once again to ask that age old question ... Where in WDW?

Last week I asked you to identify the location of two waterfalls ...

You will find this first one in the Oasis as you enter Disney's Animal Kingdom. If you take the path on the left as you enter, and then find the area on the right of that path where you can see the Parma wallaby and a few large turtles, you will discover this waterfall.

This second waterfall is in plain sight yet guests often never even see it. When you are driving through Kilamanjaro Safari, and you head over the first rickety bridge, most guests are looking to their left to see the Nile crocodiles. However, if you have seen the crocs as many times as I have, you may instead turn to the right where you will see this waterfall.

And now for this week's challenge - a bit easier than last week's I think. Since today is the Fourth of July, I present a Fourth of July celebration that you can find every day in Walt Disney World. Where in WDW? is ...

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  1. Got it! I actually saw that box of soap today, and was looking at all the store names as they passed into view, as we rotated to the next CoP scene.