Saturday, January 25, 2020

Where in WDW? Challenge 222

It's time once again to play our favorite quiz game ... Where in WDW? where you get to test your knowledge of Walt Disney World. Everything shown will be in areas where guests can see them - in other words, no backstage shots. From time to time, however, you may be asked to identify something that was but no longer exists. Have fun ... either post your guess in the comments below or other location on which this was posted.

Last time you were challenged to identify Where in WDW you would find this ...

This is on Sunset Boulevard as you approach the Tower of Terror in Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Didn't get it? Well, here is another one for you - Where in WDW? might you have seen this?

As usual, make your guess in the COMMENTS section below or other location on which this was posted and then stop back next time to see if you were correct.


  1. wild guess here, the adventurer's club library roo

  2. I agree with Dirk. The fact that it's dusty suggests it's from the Tower of Terror.