Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - August Calendar Page

This week's Wordless Wednesday's theme is August Calendar Page. Thanks to Deb for hosting this blog hop - why don't you stop by and join in.

Usually I create my Wordless Wednesday page well in advance of Wednesday, but these days have been very hectic and I didn't even start until Deb posted her page for this week. 

Deb wanted to post a picture of the Lion in Kilamanjaro Safaris (for her birth sign, Leo) but didn't have a good picture. Deb ... this is for you - and Happy Birthday!

And this is also for you Deb (and all August birthdays) ...


  1. Awww!

    What a fantastic picture of the lion on the Safari. I always get excited when I actually see him. One one of our last trips, not only was he pacing, but the female lion was on the very top of the kopi (I think that is what those rocks are called!!) and she was stalking something that was away from our view. Reminded me of our housecats who like to shake their behinds when they are about to pounce!

    1. We were lucky with this picture. As we passed Pride Rock the first trip of the day, the lion was awake and alert as you see him here. We returned shortly after and he was sound asleep - as usual.

  2. Lucky lion. What a life he leads.

    I'm going to pretend this is for me too, Mark! My birthday is the 20th. ;)

  3. Yay!! Thank You, Mark!! I love this! You were able to capture that sleepy lion! What a beautiful shot too! He is stunning!
    I love the Dapper Dan's singing too, made this old birthday gal feel very special! Thank you!

    Thanks for sharing and for joining in on the WW blog hop fun today!

  4. Beautiful shot! Loving the Dapper Dans too. Have quite a few family members with August birthdays, now I know what will be showing up on their FB page :)

  5. Beautiful, I love this part on the Safari. Sometimes he's pacing and we get a good shot too.

  6. Great full body shot of the lion, I'm always getting a piece here and there or maybe just a few hairs from his mane. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Very impressed that you were able to capture the lion awake. I don't think we have ever had him that alert.

  8. Terrific Mark- what a thoughtful guy you are! Happy Birthday again to our Leos!!

  9. Wow ... a rare, alert & proud lion moment there! Gorgeous, thanks for sharing.

  10. Nice shot! I have yet to see the lion with his head up, though I keep my fingers crossed every trip! Love the Dapper Dans too. :-)