Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October 2012 Trip - Day 5

Today is moving day. Since Disney's Art of Animation Resort (DAAR) has recently opened, and my daughter has been telling us how amazing the family suites are, we have decided to spend our last 2 nights in one.

We have selected the "generic" option when making our reservation, but are hoping that we get assigned to the Cars section.

Our daughter arrives in the morning and we are all packed and ready to make the move. We bring our luggage to her car and make the short drive from Pop Century to DAAR and head to the desk to check in. We find that we are indeed assigned to Cars (and our suite is ready) so after a stop in the food court for breakfast, head to the room to move in.

(Photos of the resort - and our room - can be seen here.)

The theming of the resort in general and our section in particular is amazing. Everything in the room is related to automobiles in some way. The dressers are tool chests, the couch is a 1950's car seat. The bathrooms (2 of them) are themed as car washes. The table opens up to a queen size bed (there are 3 of them in the suite - the table/murphy bed, the living room couch and the one in the bedroom) and turns out to be very comfortable - unlike most folding beds.

Once we are settled in we head over to Animal Kingdom. Still feeling quite under the weather, I give in to the inevitable and rent an ECV. Without it I would be slowing everyone down, and we would not accomplish what we want.

As usual, our first stop is to get Fastpasses for Kilamanjaro Safaris. We have a return window a bit more than an hour from the time we get them, so we decide to have lunch before our safari. We go to Pizzafari - where we hardly ever go - and quickly remember why. Finishing lunch we start back towards Harambe and soon it is time to use the Fastpasses.

(More photos from the safari can be seen here.)

Checking the schedule, we decide that our next stop will be The Festival of the Lion King so we head over to Camp Minnie Mickey in time for the next performance.

(More photos from The Festival of the Lion King can be seen here.)

After the show we see that we have some time until the next Finding Nemo: The Musical so we spend some time in Chester & Hester's Dinoland. My wife - as she usually does - decides to play a carnival game, and soon we have a number of stuffed animals which we have to figure out how to get into our suitcases for the flight home.

Soon we are approaching show time so it's off to the Theater in the Wild to find Nemo.

(More pictures of Finding Nemo: The Musical can be found here.)

We eventually head back to our room where we meet up with my son-in-law as he returns from work. (My daughter has worked a few of the days while we were here, but has most of the time off.)

We all have dinner at the resort food court and then my daughter, son-in-law and I take a walk around the resort to check it out. (Once again, these photos can be seen here.)

After dinner we settle back to watch the final Presidential Debate and then off to sleep.

Don't forget to have a look at the photo sets ... Disney's Art of Animation Resort can be seen here ... the safari can be seen here ... The Festival of the Lion King can be seen here ... Finding Nemo: The Musical can be found here.

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