Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Walt Disney

This week's Wordless Wednesday's theme is Walt Disney.
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Today, December 5, would have been Walt Disney's birthday, so here is a look at Walt and one of his most lasting legacies ...

Here is Walt announcing his Florida Project, the focus of which was to be the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT).

Unfortunately, he never lived to see it even started.

So it was up to his brother Roy, whom Walt made promise to see it created. Here is Roy along with Mickey Mouse at the dedication of the revised version of Walt's Florida Project ... a little place we know today as Walt Disney World.


  1. Fabulous tribute to a great man! Thanks, Mark!

  2. Love it, He was a true visionary

  3. I so vividly remember watching Walt's introduction of the Florida Project on TV- wasn't that just yesterday...? I can't stop myself thinking: What if he had lived just another couple of years? He was taken too soon! ;(

  4. I love to see the historic photos, thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful post. I love how happy he looks in the first photo!

  6. Wonderful and fitting tribute with beautiful photos to a man who dared to dream. What a lasting legacy he left!