Monday, July 22, 2013

Trip Report - July 2013 - Day 3

After our usual breakfast at the Pop Century food court, my wife and I get picked up by our daughter and we head for Disney's Hollywood Studios where we will be meeting our Australian friends for lunch at the 50's Prime Time Café.

We arrive at the parking lot, and naturally get directed to the end of the row. We catch the tram to the entrance, and once in head right back towards Pixar Place to get our Fastpasses for Toy Story:Midway Mania. At this point our daughter wants to get some breakfast and my wife wants to look at the pins under the sorcerers hat, so I head off with Iris to Starring Rolls, and Sandy heads off for the hat.

When we meet it is time to go on The Great Movie Ride. The queue is long enough that we start waiting in the area before the memorabilia room - longer than usual, but not really a long wait. When we finally get to board, we are assigned to the front cars so we will get to see the "western bank robbery" scene ... something we haven't seen in many years. It seems as if we are always in the back set of cars and see the "gangsters" scene.

(Note: Please pay attention to all announcements that remind you that use of flash is prohibited. I always do, so these and all other indoor shots where flash is prohibited were taken without the use of any additional lighting.)

(More photos from The Great Movie Ride can be seen
at the link at the end of this post.)

From The Great Movie Ride we head over to the Animation building where we get ready for a class in the Animation Academy ... one of our favorite things to do here in Disney's Hollywood Studios. The very first drawing I did when I first attended a class was Stitch and I hadn't drawn him again ... until today that is.

Still quite a bit of time until we are to meet our friends for our lunch reservation, so we decide to see MuppetVision 3D, followed by a stroll down New York Street.

We meet our friends for lunch at 50's Prime Time Café, and then we make up with them to meet tomorrow at EPCOT and spend some time together. Today is the last day that Iris will be with us before going back to work, and the last time she will see our friends.

The time is fast approaching for our Toy Story:Midway Mania Fastpass window, so Iris, Sandy and I head over and head inside.

Now we leave the park and head back to our room at Pop Century where the three of us will relax for a bit, shower and get ready for dinner at Boma in Animal Kingdom Lodge. We will meet our son-in-law there. It's been a while since my wife and I have eaten there, and we are definitely looking forward to some zebra domes!

You can see some more photos from today by clicking here.



  1. My husband is a zebra dome junkie so he also loves Boma! And thank you for the reminder not to use flash photgraphy. The Little Mermaid ride kills me right now with all the flashes going odd.

    1. Thanks Mary - can't beat the zebra domes. :-)

      Unfortunately, The Little Mermaid ride seems to allow flash photography. I specifically listened for an announcement forbidding it on this trip (yes, we eventually did get to MK - keep reading to find out how) but it never came.

  2. Love, love, love Boma