Tuesday, May 15, 2012

(Somewhat) Wordless Wednesday - A Disney Royal Lady

Focused on the Magic
This week's Wordless Wednesday's theme is Disney Royal Ladies. Many years ago, when WDW was first testing the Keys to the Kingdom Tour, my wife, my daughter and myself participated. The first thing the Tour Guide Cast Member asked us was who our favorite Disney Character was. As he went around the group, you got the answers you would expect; Goofy, Donald, Belle, Eeyore, and my answer, Mickey Mouse.

He went on to inform us that not only are the animated folk considered Disney Characters, but all of the Cast Members as well. Naturally, since that day I have thought about Disney Characters in a much different way, so for this week's theme of Disney Royal Ladies, I present a most special Disney Royal Lady ... my daughter.

She started working in WDW in 2000 as part of the Walt Disney World College Program, and since she had already graduated when she arrived, the plan was always to stay. She first worked in Conservation Station, and then spent a number of years at Caribbean Beach Resort (with brief interludes at All Star Resorts and Grand Floridian). Today she works offstage in Team Disney, supporting the resorts computer systems as a member of the IT staff.

At Conservation Station - Disney's Animal Kingdom
Eco Web at Conservation Station - Disney's Animal Kingdom
Visiting her brother during the brief period their time at WDW overlapped
Early days at Caribbean Beach Resort
Backstage after costume redesign
Gotta use a pargo to check all 2600+ rooms!
Another costume redesign
A temporary tenure at All Star Sports
Team Disney as seen from Characters in Flight
A beautiful Disney Fairytale Wedding
After the ceremony