Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where in WDW? Challenge 19

Here we are again ... asking that age old question that has occupied great minds for the last 19 weeks ...

Where in WDW?

Last we we asked to to not only identify where this building is, but what it is.

This is the Team Disney building ... the administrative office building for Walt Disney World. It is located across the street from the West Side of Downtown Disney.

(I know if I were able to look into the window of my daughter's office she would not be there since she was with us on Character's in Flight when I took this photo.)

Moving right along it is time for this week's challenge where I get to ask you, Where in WDW? ...

As always, place your guesses in the comment's section below and then check back for the answer and a new challenge next week.

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  1. Train station at Storybook Circus in the Magic Kingdom.

  2. I'm guessing one of the train stations. I'll be at WDW next week & I'll check ;)