Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - History

This week's Wordless Wednesday's theme is History.
Thanks to Deb for hosting this blog hop - why don't you stop by and join in.

The first time I ever saw a Disney attraction in person was at the 1964 New York World's Fair. (I wouldn't get to Disneyland until July, 1968 and Walt Disney World until December, 1971.) I was very excited as I watched Walt Disney show the progress of the four attractions that were being prepared for the Fair each Sunday night on TV. They were ...

The State of Illinios (Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln)

The Ford Pavillion (which a part of would come to Disneyland as the dinosaur diorama on the train trip around the park)

Pepsi/UNICEF presented It's A Small World

And the one which became my favorite at the Fair and remains a must-do each time I visit Disney World, Progressland presented by General Electric ... which after a brief stay in Disneyland is today known as the Carousel of Progress in the Magic Kingdom at WDW.

Here are some photos of today's version ... taken just a few weeks ago ...

And of course, Grandma is still resident ace ...