Friday, August 18, 2017

Where in WDW? Challenge 100!!!!

Welcome to Where in WDW? Challenge 100!!! We made it!! On April 8th, 2012 the first Where in WDW was posted! Though many things have happened in those 5 years, here we are at the ONE HUNDREDTH challenge. They started to be called "challenges" with the 5th entry, but it wasn't until the 3rd entry that "reveal shots" were included the next week for the first time. They wouldn't become a regular feature until the 27th challenge. Yet - here we are ... number 100!!

Last time you were challenged to identify Where in WDW you would find this ...

This is the Rose & Crown Pub in World Showcase at EPCOT ...

After last week's challenge was issued, RADP's own Jenny Drake and her friend Cathy Ward were in EPCOT to listen to British Revolution when they spotted this ...

Good work Jenny and Cathy!!!

As most of you know, I have been taking Disney photos for many years. To celebrate the 100th challenge, I thought I might share with you the only remaining photos from my very first trip to any Disney park ... Disneyland in July, 1968. Of all the photos I took that day, only these remain.

This week we go back to the very first challenge. This was the photo for which I first asked, Where in WDW? would you see this?

As usual, make your guess in the COMMENTS section below and then stop back next time to see if you were correct.

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