Friday, June 15, 2012

Photo Flashback - The Haunted Mansion

Focused on the Magic
It's time again to enter the Wayback machine and have a look at Disney past. Thanks Deb of Focused on the Magic for hosting the Photo Flashback blog hop.

In a past post I highlighted my daughter who has been a Cast Member for almost 12 years, but before she even first arrived to work in WDW, my son spent some time as a butler in Master Gracey's employ. Today I share a ride-through of Disney World's Haunted Mansion (my favorite attraction) from 1999 - during his tenure there. After all, it's only fair. (At the stroke of midnight of 1999/2000 The Haunted Mansion, as were all attractions throughout Disney World, was closed so guests could celebrate the new millennium. However, the ride was not shut down so it could reopen after the fireworks. Someone had to stay in and babysit the Doom Buggies. That would have been my son, who spent the stroke of midnight alone in The Haunted Mansion watching Doom Buggies circle the track. How many can say that?) See some of the Master's servants here.

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  1. What a great video! How fortunate to be there to welcome in the new year!