Saturday, September 10, 2016

Trip Report - Disney Fantasy - Day 3

August 15

Today will be our second day at sea, and already a change in our usual routine. Instead of having breakfast in our stateroom as we usually do, we are headed back to Animator’s Palate for a Disney Junior character meet and greet. Today Brooke will meet characters that she is familiar with - hopefully including Doc McStuffins. We arrive and are seated and this will be the only meal we will be sharing a table with others … as usual, our assigned table at dinner includes just our traveling party. I enjoy meeting others and this morning offers me the opportunity to do so as we have very nice tablemates. 

Our first visitor of the morning is Princess Sophia the First. By this time Brooke is already having a close relationship with her breakfast, (Mickey waffles!) but takes the time to have her picture taken with Sophia but quickly is back at her favorite pastime … eating.

Next in the rotation is Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. While this was a favorite of my grandsons, Brooke seems rather unimpressed with Jake but has a few pictures taken and then … you guessed it … back to the business of breakfast.

Ahhh … but who is that I see on her way to spend time with us? Yes indeed, it’s Doc McStuffins herself. Brooke sees her (lifesize! so big!) and you know right away she wants to meet her. After the Fab Five, nothing is better than meeting the toy doctor herself!

Breakfast continues … all the Mickey waffles (and scrambled eggs, etc.) that Brooke can envision. And then it happens … her mother’s boss approaches the table … the big cheese himself! The excitement is palpable … Brooke wants to see Mickey. She’s met him before on many occasions, but who can ever get enough of seeing the one and only Mickey Mouse. Gotta have a picture!

Breakfast is over, and this morning we are going to go to the toddler water area of the ship - Nemo’s Reef. Not yet potty trained so she can’t go in to any of the pools, this area is there for her. 

At this point we are not sure how she will react to all of the water, but she loves her bath and doesn’t mind being splashed with water or having it poured over her head when she gets shampooed, so we have high hopes. They are not dashed. At first Iris carrys her in and introduces her to some of the water spouts, but when she is put down on the floor - she loves it. At one point, another toddler sits down on one of the water jets on the floor and it squirts out  big time, all over Brooke. We all hold our breathes waiting to see Brooke’s reaction. She loves it!!! It’s all good. She winds up crawling through all of the water features, having a grand old time!

After a while, however, Sandy and I have to leave since we want to do one of our favorite things. We used to do it every time we are at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but alas, the Animation Academy is no longer. But a crew member on the Fantasy is about to walk us through drawing the Old Hag from Snow White. (Okay, she has a predrawn drawing beneath her sheet, but let’s see how it goes.) I decide not to use the sheet with the printed circle on it and follow along. 

While it’s not my best attempt, it’s certainly not my worst. (That was my final drawing at the Animation Academy - Baymax!)

Today we will have lunch at Cabanas and then head to Deck 4 to relax on a deck chair. Don’t want to over exert ourselves. We have to get up early tomorrow.

The show in the Walt Disney Theater tonight is a ventriloquist who we have seen previously on the Disney Magic. 

Dinner tonight is at Enchanted Garden and once again everything is ready for Brooke when she arrives. Tonight she is up for anything and has tastes from a number of appetizers including my duck confit and Iris’s escargot. In front of her she has duck, snail and her own chicken fingers. She eats the duck and the escargot before she is left with only her chicken. Plus she is in her element, flirting with every server who has to walk by. They are all stopping to play with her and she is loving the attention. 

I was planning on seeing the new Pete’s Dragon tonight, but when all is said and done, I decide to put it off until later in the week and get to sleep relatively early as we have to meet at 8:30 in the theater tomorrow morning for our excursion on Tortola. 

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