Sunday, September 18, 2016

Trip Report - Disney Fantasy - Day 6

August 18

The cruise is winding down with today being our next to last full day aboard. It’s a day at sea as we steam towards Castaway Cay. Breakfast in the room starts the day as usual and then Sandy decides she wants to see The BFG so we are in the Buena Vista Theater early. Since I have seen it before, I find myself dozing off at times until I get a text from Iris that the Diaper Dash is about to start. I excuse myself and allow Sandy to finish watching the movie and I head to the Atrium where the event is about to take place. I see Iris and Brooke and find myself a spot across from them to watch. That is until I find out that they need two adults for the race, and since Jason is not here, I make my way around to Iris before the first qualification heat begins. It’s a good thing too, as Brooke is in the first race of the day. I bring her to the starting line and Iris goes to entice her towards her. However, Brooke is going through a very clingy phase and when Mommy starts to walk away, if Brooke can still see her she starts to cry. I place Brooke into a crawling position and the race starts, but Brooke simply sits up and cries. I try again with the same result. Rather than crawl to Iris, Brooke simply demands that Iris comes to her! Needless to say, she did not qualify to move on and her day in the Dash is over. However, her celebrity is just beginning, as people stop by to say they saw her in the race all day long.

It’s now lunch time and we go to the Royal Court where Jason meets us (Sandy has already caught up) for our meal. 

After lunch we pay a visit to the Rainforest, and then take Brooke for a while so Iris and Jason can do the same. It is more crowded today than any other day of the cruise, but we have no problem getting into a hot tub or finding lounges to lay out on. 

Once we return to our room and take over care of Brooke, we head to Shutters to look at the folders from both of our rooms to see what photos are there. While there are some, we find that we had not taken as many as we originally thought we might so I am considering the different digital packages which I might purchase. We find that as happened in Palo earlier in the week, our photos are all in Iris and Jason’s package, making it very convenient to purchase one package which includes both staterooms.

From here we go out onto Deck 4 and once again allow Brooke out of her stroller and give her the run of the deck. Today she is basking in the fact that people are stopping by having seen her earlier, and once again flirting with every crew member that walks by. She is enjoying herself with all the attention as always. Soon Iris comes by and it’s time for the Dance Party back in the Atrium with the Fab Five! These are the characters that Brooke knows the best and enjoys seeing them though she’s not quite ready to get up and dance with them just yet. When Goofy comes and interacts with her, she is simply thrilled!

From here we decide to take Brooke back to Nemo’s Reef for a little fun in the water. The area is almost empty and Brooke has it all to herself. Soon Sandy and I leave to get to tonight’s show before getting ready for dinner. 

Dinner tonight is in the Enchanted Garden and we meet Iris, Brooke and Jason just before it opens for the late seating. Iris lets us know that Brooke has not napped and is a bit cranky and to expect her to need to be taken out at some point. However, as she gets settled at the table - and not for the first time - she is anything but cranky and is perhaps as well behaved and happy as she is at any meal this cruise. A successful dinner ensues. Brooke has pasta and leaves her mark.

After dinner we decide that this is the night that any souvenirs and/or gifts need to be purchased, so we head to the shops to do just that. It’s time I need to decide if I really want to purchase that watch I saw on the first day of the cruise and have gone back to look at a few times throughout the week. I decided to pull the trigger and buy it. I have not regretted it yet.

That done, we head back to our room (this is when we watch the original Pete’s Dragon) and eventually call it a night. Tomorrow we are at Castaway Cay.

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