Sunday, July 9, 2017

Disney Fantasy - Day 2

June 29, 2017

Today is the first of two days at sea as we head towards Aruba.

Ordinarily we have a room service breakfast each morning, but today we start our day at a Disney Junior breakfast in Animator's Palette. We did this breakfast last year and once again this trip. Disney Junior is the home of many of Brooke's favorite Disney characters, and she gets to meet a few this morning.

Of course, her favorite is Mickey Mouse. Although on this trip Pluto seemed to be her favorite and the first time she saw him she ran over and gave him a big hug!

After breakfast, I spend some time in the Rainforest Room in the spa, and after that, Iris, Brooke and I head up to Deck 4. The winds are blowing and there is a lot of sea spray there, but Brooke seems to love it!

The seas are a bit choppy today and the ship is rocking and rolling ... not so bad as to be a problem as on the Wonder two years ago, but walking at times becomes a challenge. As bad as it is for those of us who have been walking for years, Brooke counts her walking days in weeks, but except for one or two incidents, she seems to acquire her sea legs pretty quickly.

We decide to come inside and head to the Atrium where they will soon be setting up for the Diaper Dash. If you are a regular of these trip reports, you may remember that Brooke was a contestant last year, but when the starting words were given, she simply sat there and cried. As we sat there (well, Iris and I sat, Brooke was taking full advantage of having a large space to run around in) they started setting up the Diaper Dash course.

But, while last year there were enough babies signed up to run 8 preliminary heats, we waited, and waited, and waited and no babies were signed up. The two crew members decided to race themselves, and got down on hands and knees and did their own thing. However, still no sign ups! They asked if Brooke wanted to try again, although it was obvious she was now a walker, but she wanted no part of a shot at redemption. They finally found a few older takers, and the race was on. Not that it was anything that anyone expected and it was over almost as soon as it began. There was a second Diaper Dash scheduled for later in the week ... it was canceled!

It's now 4:00 PM and we take Brooke to Andy's Room - as in Andy in the Toy Story movies. It's toddler time and Brooke is the first one to get there.

Once Brooke is all played out, we start to head up to the pool deck to get her a snack, stopping to see a few of her friends.

Eventually, we do get to Deck 11 and get a snack, since our dinner is the second seating which is 8:15. It actually works fine for Brooke as due to mommy and daddy's work schedules, that's about when she usually is getting ready to be picked up from daycare. However, she is used to sleeping late, and that comes into play later on the cruise.

But now I have to leave Iris and Brooke as they snack, because I have an appointment for a pedicure! Yep - I told you I have decided to pamper myself this cruise (and I have been told to get my toe nails cut short - LOL!) and with my feet and legs in such bad shape starting this trip, the hot stone leg massage that goes with it seemed like a great idea. Turns out I was right! My one problem with the actual foot care portion of the pedicure was my extremely ticklish feet!!! But she managed to accomplish the feat. (Pun intended!)

Because of the time of my appointment, I had to miss the show in the Walt Disney theater tonight, but my legs and feet were thanking me for it!

Next up was dinner, which was going to be in Animator's Palate tonight. On the Disney cruise ships you rotate between three themed restaurants, and your dinner staff rotates with you, so you have the same table mates and staff each night, just in a different location.

Tonight is also Formal Night, so while I no longer have a tuxedo that fits me, I get into my suit for the evening festivities, which begin in the Atrium with a reception ... and drinks.

Of course, Brooke has to get dolled up as well ...

After dinner Iris, Brooke and I go back to the Atrium where Brooke enjoys listening to the musical duo for the evening, and they get as big a kick out of her as she does waving to them. She loves the attention!

Finally it's time to call it a night - tomorrow will be another day at sea!

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