Sunday, July 16, 2017

Disney Fantasy - Day 8

July 5, 2017

(This now officially becomes the longest cruise trip report I have written.)

Even though we have an excursion this morning, once again we don't have to check in until 10:45, so it's not an early morning for us. Room service breakfast is ordered, including food for Brooke who is coming with us today while mommy and daddy go off snorkeling. I, on the other hand, am participating in a dolphin encounter, while Sandy and Brooke will be observers.

We are already docked in Tortola, British Virgin Islands when I get up. This is the first port on this trip which we all have already been to ... just a year ago on the Fantasy. The view this morning is pretty much the same view as last year (check out the link above) which makes sense since we are in the same room as last year as well.

We meet in D Lounge this morning and then head off the ship to meet our bus which will take us to the Dolphin Discovery facility, just about 5 minutes from the dock.

We get there while another group is having their session - both the Dolphin Encounter (which I will be participating in this morning) and the Swim with the Dolphins. We get to watch, and Brooke is enjoying watching the dolphins. She would have loved to participate - perhaps on a future cruise.

Finally we get called for our orientation and family pictures.

Finally we get into the water and meet Coco (we never were told how to spell it so I am just guessing here!) who we will be working with today. Our guide is an experienced marine biologist and gives us a lot of information about dolphins. Then we get a chance to get up close and personal with Coco.

The only time on this trip I get any sunburn. Can you guess where?

Playtime over, and after a quick trip through the gift shop (mostly to purchase the CD with these and other photos of my interaction with Coco), it's time to get back on the bus to the pier.

We once again forego any shopping, and head straight onto the ship. Iris and Jason are still out on their excursion so we head up to the pool deck for some lunch. Most days my lunch consists of a fruit plate and today is no exception. Brooke has her hot dog and then we go to the other side of the ship for some ice cream ... usual routine.

We head back to the room and shortly thereafter, Iris and Jason return. After Iris showers and dresses and brings in some lunch, we take Brooke for a walk and who do we encounter but Mickey Mouse!!

This evening we have dinner back in Royal Court - while Brooke enjoys dinner and playtime in the nursery.

Tomorrow is a day at sea as we sail towards Disney's private island in the Bahamas ... Castaway Cay.

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