Saturday, December 16, 2017

December Trip Report ... December 10 ... Magic Kingdom and EPCOT -or- This is Florida, why is it so cold?

Day 1 

Fastpasses start this morning at the Magic Kingdom. It was a very cold night (into the 30’s) so we are quite bundled up. Also, I am feeling some muscular/skeletal issues from the sessions of radiation I had just finished before coming down. That would stay with me throughout this trip. Arriving at the park, Jenny, Cathy and I head towards Space Mountain, our first fastpass of the day, but notice that there is zero line for the Astro Orbiter. Jenny and I had only been on that once in the past and I believe Cathy had never been on it so we decided to take advantage of the situation. Remember it was cold and we were now going up in the air and round and round. We survived! So now it was time for Space Mountain. 

After Space Mountain it was time for coffees (Jenny and me) and a hot chocolate (Cathy) followed by a tour of Tomorrowland on the TTA Peoplemover. Our next fastpass takes us towards the Jungle Cruise, now wearing its Jingle Cruise overlay. 

After a pun filled trip, hunger started setting in and Jenny suggested Columbia Harbour House which met with all of our approvals. While all three of us got the clam chowder, it’s not served in the bread bowl as in days past, but a plain cardboard container. It was tasty and did however warm us up.

Lunch done, our next fastpass would be Splash Mountain, but as we headed over there, we discovered that Cathy had never experienced the fun that is the Country Bear Jamboree, and since there was still some time until our fastpass window opened, it became a necessity to introduce her to the bears. I dare say that a good time was had by all.

Time to walk over towards Splash Mountain, but it wasn’t yet time for us to use our fastpass, so we just hung out for a while until the window opened, at which point we proceeded on. The cold weather did not dampen (see what I did there?) our spirits and while we did get a bit wet, it was nothing like the soaking you would get on Kali RIver over at Animal Kingdom. (That had been the ride that I had never experienced until last year - on a day that even with my big umbrella we couldn’t get any wetter - Jenny and Cathy did get me to ride.) Jenny is there ... hanging on to Cathy's arm.

Lunch would happen at Coral Reef over in EPCOT, and since the day was winding on, it was time to head over there. Don't you love the Disney Magic Pictures? 

Perfect timing as we got there right as our reservation time approached. I checked in and then we had a short wait until we were called. I had been there in the past a number of times but neither Jenny nor Cathy had. We were seated up close to the tank - though you have a good view from wherever you sit - with a wonderful view. The food was good and the adult beverages went down nicely.

After lunch we went on a quest for a cider flight ... not really sure where it could be had. At Canada Jenny and I decided to each get an icewine flight, and Cathy would get a wine of her choosing. Turns out that one of the wines that made up the flight was out of stock and as such the flight was unavailable, so Jenny and I got  Riesling icewines. While there, the cast member pointed us to the location of the cider flight - the Bavarian stand in Germany. We headed over there. They did indeed have the flight we were looking for, and three flights were ordered. 

By this time it had started to get quite cold, so it was time to head back and call it a night.

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