Tuesday, December 19, 2017

December Trip Report ... Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT -or- Where’s my phone?

Day 3 ... December 12

This morning Jenny was dealing with a migraine, so it was just Cathy and me to start the day. 

Not that I was in top shape myself after last night’s tumble. My knee was very stiff when I first got out of bed but continued to loosen up as I walked a bit. Combined with the previous discomforts, it might have prevented me from a day at the parks, but I decided that it was something that I could deal with and if it got to the point that I couldn’t tolerate it any longer, I would simply go back to my room. I took some Aleve and put something on my knee that I had used on my feet in the past, and soldiered on. 

First fasspass for the day was Toy Story:Midway Mania at The Studios. Once there I found that my knee actually wasn’t an issue and my walking was only slightly more uncomfortable than it had been. Standing still had always been the issue for me and today followed that pattern. We arrived and the line to enter the fastpass queue was longer than almost any I had ever seen. It went quite a ways towards the end of the building. But it moved and after we tapped our magic bands and were inside, it continued. At the merge point we were directed towards the new track (to the left) which I had never ridden before and rather quickly found ourselves on the ride. Neither of us did spectacularly - both earning no higher than beaver. 

When we exited, we still had quite a while until our next fastpass … Tower of Terror … so we decided to sit at a table right there for a while, and enjoy the sun and the company … and not push my knee if we didn’t have to. We hadn’t been sitting there long when Jenny texted that she was leaving the room and on her way. I told her where to meet us and then Cathy and I headed over there - though it would still be a while until she could arrive. 

When Jenny got there, there was still quite a bit of time until out ToT fastpass window opened, so we decided to get something to eat at the marketplace along that street. While I was sitting at a table waiting for the girls to get something, I spotted another RADPer, Michele Gregory and her husband Tom. I called them over and we visited for a few minutes before they had to move on. At that point Jenny had to use the ladies room … pay attention, this becomes important … and when she returns, our fastpass window is upon us and we make the short walk to the ToT, stopping to have our picture taken.

Walking along the fastpass queue we pass a gentleman and his children, who were waiting for his wife who had left her phone and went back to find it. We wish him luck and continue on. At this point Jenny realizes that she does not have HER (only days old) phone in her pocket and realizes that she must have left her own phone in the ladies room moments earlier. She leaves to find it while Cathy and I wait. She returns shortly without it, but decides that we should continue to ride and she would check at Guest Services after we finish … allowing some time for the phone to hopefully be turned in. 

After we are finished, we start to head towards Guest Services but the girls suggest that rather than make the walk all the way back to Guest Services that I rest my knee at a table behind the Starbucks while they take care of it. The phone isn’t there when they arrive but they wait for the next park sweep to be turned in. When that turns up empty, It’s suggested that Jenny try the nearest gift shop to the ladies room in order to see if anyone turned it in. Cathy came to sit with me and let me know what was happening while Jenny proceeded to do as suggested. It wasn’t there, but they in turn suggested checking with a bellhop at the ToT. Turns out that they have a lockbox where they store lost items. As she came back to the table at which Cathy and I were sitting, we were both relieved to see her phone in her hand. Relief all around!!!

Now it was time to save the galaxy so we headed over to Star Tours. 

Once we safely delivered the Rebel spy, we were all ready to eat again, and with the paucity of options at The Studios, we left for EPCOT. We boarded a Friendship (a concession to my knee once again I’m afraid) and soon entered the International Gateway on our way to Japan where we go to Katsura Grill - the counter service restaurant. 

From there we continued around World Showcase until we arrived at Mexico for a boat ride. There are rumors swirling around that this will eventually become a Coco themed attraction. While I miss the original theme song from the boat ride’s former incarnation … I think that a Coco theme would work very well here. You already have a large Day of the Dead presence during the trip, and I could easily see bits of the movie fleshing out (if you’ll pardon the pun) an entire trip. This would be a change that would very likely be popular. I for one would like to see it. 

The ride came to an end, and with a bit more effort than usual … even me with my short legs didn’t have much room to stretch them out causing my knee to be a bit angry at the moment … I managed to get out of the boat. We started heading back towards Future World where Jenny mentioned that she would like to see the fountain show after dark. As we walked that way, we passed a sign for the Cookie shop that had set up in the former Odyssey restaurant. It was indeed time for some cookies for all three of us, and wine for the girls (I passed on this one as I had just taken a pain killer) - while watching old Mickey Mouse shorts.

After a quick stop at First Aid so I could get a new bandaid or two for my hand, we started heading towards Future World. Jenny and I found a spot to watch the fountain show while Cathy took a brief look through Mouse Gears. Cathy soon joined us. Once the show was over, we headed to the buses where this  time I managed to stay on my feet!!!

Day 4 … December 13 … Back to the real world -or- The party’s over, it’s time to call it a day

Unfortunately, at least for two of us, our time here comes to an end today. Jenny has to return to Tennessee and the farm for business commitments she must keep followed by family obligations. I have to head back to NYC where I have a date with a syringe of medication … the fourth in a series of 6. I will have to return north once more in January and then once in February before I complete my cancer treatments.

Cathy, however, gets to stay and have a second Disney vacation as her husband and son will be arriving the next day.

For me - even with the pain of the radiation side-effects and then my self-inflicted injuries - it was a diversion that couldn’t have come at a better time. But now back to NY for a couple of days and then right back to Florida.

See you at the parks!!!

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