Friday, October 26, 2012

October 2012 Trip - Days 3 & 4

Day 3

Today will be a family day as we will spend the day with my daughter, her husband and his mom. After breakfast my wife and I take the resort bus to Downtown Disney where we will meet them when they arrive. Still nursing my cold, I relax in the bandstand while my wife does some pre-buying browsing. At the appointed time they arrive and we decide to have lunch at Earl of Sandwich - a favorite of all. It is very crowded, but my wife finds a table while we wait on line to order. 

After lunch there is some shopping done by both mom's and before we know it, it's time for dinner. For dinner, we go out to a local restaurant. 

After dinner we decide that we will head back to my daughter's apartment which my wife and I have not yet seen. They moved into it just after our last trip down here, so while we had seen the neighborhood and the outside of their building, this would be our first time actually seeing the apartment itself. 

On the way home I stop to get some cold medicine and when I go to pay I realize I don't have my debit card. It occurs to me that I might have left it after I paid our bill at dinner, so a quick trip back is in order. Happily, the restaurant is right across the street from the store we were at. Happily that was the case and my card and I are reunited. <whew!>

Day 4

The cold is really getting to me now, but I man up and carry on ... sort of. Today we are heading to The Studios where we will be meeting up with some friends.

Our daughter meets us this morning and after breakfast at the Pop Century food court, we drive to Disney's Hollywood Studios. We will be meeting our friends after lunch, and we have some time until our reservation time, so we decide to head over to the Animation Academy to draw a character - one of our favorite things to do here. This class gets the chance to draw a character which we had never drawn before ... Buzz Lightyear.

My drawing

My wife's drawing

Once the class is over we head to the 50's Prime Time Café for lunch. We have a great meal and a great server (which is important in this restaurant), but unfortunately I have very little appetite thanks to this cold and am fading fast. (Notice the lack of photos in today's report? That alone can tell you just how awful I was feeling.)

We still have some time before we are to meet our friends, so we decide to go through the Great Movie Ride. When we come out, I get a message that they are on their way into the park, but the parade is blocking them from getting to us. We arrange a meeting place, and soon we get together.

They have only a short time to spend here so we decide to do Star Tours before they have to leave. My wife and I had been on the updated version once last year when we were here for my daughter's wedding, but my daughter and her husband have not yet been on it, so this will be their first time.

After we get off, our friends have to leave, and our plan calls for heading over to EPCOT to meet my son-in-law and partake once again of the Food and Wine Festival. However, I am feeling as if I will be more of a burden in that and decide the best thing is for me to head back to the room and get some rest and hope the cold is better tomorrow.

I get back to the room and my son-in-law is getting ready to leave to meet them in EPCOT. My plan is to watch some TV and simply relax, but moments after he leaves, I find myself sound asleep. I hear my wife return some hours later but am too tired even to acknowledge her.

Hoping for a better day tomorrow.


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