Sunday, July 21, 2013

Trip Report - July 2013 - Day 2

Today is Monday - traditionally a less crowded day at The Magic Kingdom. It is also the beginning of the week after the Fourth of July weekend. Following our suggestion, our Australian friends picked today to visit The Magic Kingdom. Unfortunately, due to expected high attendance at The Magic Kingdom to see New Fantasyland, my daughter's pass to get us into the parks is blocked out for The Magic Kingdom for the month of July. For that reason, we cannot join our friends there today.

However, we have a lunch reservation at Tokyo Dining in EPCOT so that is where we spend today. Once again we get a late morning pick-up by my daughter and drive to EPCOT. As will happen all this week, we find ourselves being directed to the farthest location in the row! However, we soon are on the tram and inside the park.

Our first destination once we enter is The Land so we can get Fastpasses for Soarin'. Once that is done we decide - as we always do - to ride Living With The Land.

After The Land, and a visit with Figment in Imagination, we head over to World Showcase and make our way to Japan.

We arrive a bit early for our lunch reservation, so my wife and daughter take this time to look through the (nicely air conditioned) store, while I stay outside and take a few photos. Soon it is time and we head upstairs to check in at Tokyo Dining. Each time we have been here in the past we have been given a table by the window, and today is no exception. One of these days, hopefully, we will have this table from which to watch Illuminations.

Once we are through with lunch, we make our way towards France, to check out the new ice cream shop which is in the former location of the pastry shop, which itself has a new location.

However, since we have just had a nice lunch which itself came with dessert, we will forgo the ice cream this afternoon, but will return later in the trip to try it out.

It's a short boat ride back to the path we take to return to Future World, and as we walk we pass through the Rose garden so I can take some photos here as well.

We still have a bit of time until our fastpass for Soarin', so we visit The Seas With Nemo and Friends. One inside the pavilion itself, after our ride on the clamshell, we go our separate ways for a while - each with our own interest. (Yes, my wife heads to the giftshop.)

Our Fastpass window is now open, so we return to The Land to ride Soarin'. From there we head to the other side - with a not so brief excursion through Mouse Gears - to relax in the air conditioned comfort - and 37 minute ride - in the Universe of Energy. (Ellen's Energy Adventure is showing its age ... perhaps it's time for a rehab?)

(Note: Please pay attention to all announcements that remind you that use of flash is prohibited. I always do, so these and all other indoor shots where flash is prohibited were taken without the use of any additional lighting.)

We decide it is now time to leave EPCOT, have some dinner and return to our room. We trek back to the end of the row in the parking lot (as we will all week!) and head out.

You can see some more photos from today by clicking here.


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