Thursday, July 25, 2013

July 2013 Trip Report - Day 5

Today is a planned quiet day. Our friends are off to the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, and our daughter and son-in-law are working, so my wife and I take this opportunity for a non-park day and spend it it Downtown Disney.

For the first time this trip, after breakfast we take a Disney bus to the West Side of Downtown Disney where we plan on seeing Despicable Me 2. Feeling naked without my camera (I do, however have my phone camera), we arrive at Downtown Disney and pick up our tickets for the movie. (We are seeing it at the Fork and Screen, so have purchased them in advance last night.)

We still have a bit of time to kill before it is time for the movie, so we walk around for a bit. Passing the balloon of Characters in Flight, I check the ticket booth for the times of operation, as I plan to return tomorrow to go up and take some photos. I have done it before but either didn't have the lens I wanted with me or was too late at night to get some of the photos I wanted. Tomorrow I hope to rectify that situation.

Next, we stop in to the candy store and pick up a few jelly beans (for the movie). We then continue down the street, stopping in a number or stores along the way. When we get to Splitsville, we take a moment to look inside, and check out the menu. It occurs to me that since we are meeting our daughter for dinner (she works directly across the road from the West Side) I text her asking if she and her husband would like to have dinner here. The menu looks good, and none of us have ever eaten here, so it is decided that we would indeed do that.

There is still time left before we can enter our theater for the movie (and lunch) so we decide to get out of the sun and have a drink in the outside bar area of Splitsville until it is time to see the movie.

When it is time to go to the theater I make a wonderful discovery. Unlike the Fork and Screen theaters back home, this one features a Coke Freestyle machine which is capable of hundreds of different combination drinks - including over 100 diet selections! Sure wish we had that here. (I have never seen that anywhere here.)

Once the movie is over, we make the short walk over to The Marketplace so my wife can have all the time she wants to go through all of the stores. I, on the other hand, take my usual seat in front of the bandstand and relax ... occasionally watching the volcano at Rainforest Café erupt.

Eventually, I get a message that my daughter is looking for parking in the parking lot (it is quite crowded), so my wife and I walk back to the West Side and meet my daughter and son-in-law in front of Splitsville and then go in for an enjoyable dinner. We had toyed with the idea of bowling for a while, but have decided to put that off until our next trip down here.

After dinner we get driven back to Pop Century and make arrangements with Iris as to where and when we will meet tomorrow.


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