Sunday, July 28, 2013

July 2013 Trip Report - Day 7

It's our last day here in Walt Disney World, and we will begin it at Old Key West with lunch at Olivia's where we will meet my daughter, her husband and his mother.

I have my daughter's car - since both she and her husband had their cars at EPCOT last night - so we drive from Pop Century to Old Key West where we will meet them.

After lunch, my son-in-law, who is working on very little sleep at this time, decides to go back home, while his mother, my daughter, my wife and myself go to the Magic Kingdom. We decide that it will be easier to leave the car where we parked it here and take the bus. Soon we arrive at the Magic Kingdom.

As we walk down Main Street, I get my first look at the newly reopened bakery which now features Starbucks.

As is my usual procedure, I plan on making our first stop the Haunted Mansion, but when we get there the line is longer than we want to wait in, as today will be a short day for many reasons - including getting there after lunch, and the fact that we won't be staying late. Sandy and I have to pack to leave in the morning, and Iris's mother-in-law has a long drive to get back home. Because of that, we skip the Haunted Mansion and decide on It's a Small World instead. First, however, a stop at the newest bathrooms in the Magic Kingdom ... as you see, they are themed to Disney's Rapunzel movie ... Tangled.

Next stop will be New Fantasyland. While we have been there a few times already, this is Carrie's (Iris's mother-in-law) first time seeing it. We see the progress on the Seven Dwarfs mine train attraction - much work has been done since our last time here in January. We had thought about seeing Enchanted Tales with Belle - since it is cute and Carrie would enjoy it, but the line is long, so we decide to go directly to Gaston's Tavern for a few LeFeu's brews. (Frozen apple juice with toasted marshmallow flavor and foam)

When we are finished, the skies look very threatening, and it appears as if we are going to get the first significant rain since we have been here this week. Hoping it holds off for just a little longer, we get in line at Little Mermaid. It starts to drizzle while we are still on the outside portion of the line, but just as we get under cover inside, the skies totally open up in a full downpour. We got lucky this time.

Unfortunately, when we exit the ride itself, it is still raining quite hard outside, and people are not exiting, but staying in the hallway "cave" leading to the outside. We join that crowd. It gets so crowded that they have to stop the ride itself as there is no longer any room left, and no one is leaving. Disney cast members do not make anyone leave until the rain lets up considerably.

It's still raining when we finally leave the shelter of the cave, although not very hard. Since we had been here the last time, the entrance to the new circus area back here is now open, so it is just a short walk to the big tent/souvenir shop where we pick up ponchos, and then continue into Tomorrowland. It is getting close to our dinner time reservation at Plaza Restaurant, but there is enough time to take Carrie into Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor - something new for her. The preshow has been slightly updated for the Monsters U movie, and some of the routines inside have been updated along with the backdrops.

After dinner, it's time to leave so we take the bus back to Old Key West to pick up Iris's car and she drives us back to Pop Century where Sandy and I pack in preparation to head to the airport tomorrow morning.

The next morning, Iris drives us to the airport where we have an easy and uneventful flight home, another Disney vacation under our belts. It was fun spending time with some friends from half a world away, and they continue their US adventure as we settle in back home. Time to start thinking about our next trip down.

You can see some more photos from today by clicking here.


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