Friday, June 8, 2012

Flashback - First Visit

Focused on the Magic
It's time again to enter the Wayback machine and have a look at Disney past. Thanks Deb of Focused on the Magic for hosting the Photo Flashback blog hop.

Back in August of 2010, my grandtwins - then 10 months old - made their first visit to Walt Disney World. They may not remember this trip, but will always have the photos and this video to look back on. If there is any doubt that children can enjoy the visit at this age, simply have a look at their faces. Yes, they have been back since, and will be many more times without doubt. But there can only be one first visit.


  1. What wonderful memories! I loved seeing them with the characters and playing the drums. So adorable!!
    Thanks for sharing and for joining the Photo Flashback Hop fun.

  2. SO cute! My littlest one was 10 months for her first trip and she loved it! She spent much of her time dancing to the music around the parks!

    1. And that's my response to those who say that it is too young to take them to Disney. I do, however, premise my opinion by saying "as long as it won't be their only trip."

      Yes, it is true that the boys will not remember this trip - though they do still talk about last summer's visit - but here is proof that they were enjoying themselves in the moment, and will make many trips that they will remember.

  3. Thank you! I really enjoyed your video showing how a child cannot be too young to visit Disney World!