Sunday, November 3, 2013

October, 2013 Trip Report Day 2

Day 2 

Today we will meet our daughter after breakfast and go to EPCOT to continue sampling what the International Food and Wine Festival has to offer. Once again after breakfast in the makeshift food court, she picks us up and we drive to EPCOT.

Once in the park, we make a stop at one of the FastPass+ kiosks and see what we can obtain. Today we get Maelstrom (again), Mission Space, and Soarin'. The first two are within the time we intend to spend in the park, but Soarin' is way later than we plan on staying. No problem though, we will be back later in the week and will try again then. Our daughter will have to leave very early herself to go to work, so won't be able to go on any attractions, which is fine as today is her first visit this year to the Food and Wine Festival.

On our way to World Showcase, we stop by the cranberry bog - mostly to pick up our free packs of Craisins.

We arrive very early at World Showcase - just as they begin serving, so that our daughter can sample some of what is being offered before she has to leave us - the first stop being the "terra" stand when we spot Watermelon Juice on its menu. One of her favorite things to get used to be the Watermelon Water at Mexico, but they have not had that for a few years now. However, this Watermelon Juice more than makes up for it, as it is a true juice - thick and filled with palpable watermelon. Yummy!!

We then continue around in a clockwise direction ....

Mexico supplies some yummy shrimp tacos.

And we continue our journey ...

We stop at China where I sample one of my favorites each year - the pot stickers. I also get a lychee flavored soft drink. (Have I mentioned I love lychees?) Also sampled is another favorite - the Mongolian Beef in a pastry.

Poland provided my wife with kielbasa and pierogi.

The side of the crate caught my eye ...

And we continue ...

Belgium supplied - once again - some yummy berry waffles.

And our trip continues ...

This said it all ...

It was now time for our daughter to leave us and head home - she will be on call today and working from home - and us to head to Norway for our first FastPass+ ... Maelstrom.

After Maelstrom it was nearing dinner time, and since it was in the 90's (!) ... unusually hot and humid for this time of year ... we decided that even in the midst of the Food and Wine Festival, we wanted a sit down dinner where we could be served in an air conditioned restaurant. Using the My Disney Experience app on my phone, I saw what was available and my wife and I decided on dinner at La Hacienda. It was close, and we could hang out in the Mexican pyramid until it was time to check in. And that is what we did.

As it turned out, the shrimp tacos at the Festival stand were so good that both my wife and I ordered that for dinner. It did not disappoint.

And then it was almost time for Mission:Space, so we found a nice shady bench to relax on (under the monorail beam) until it was time to take our (less intensive) trip to Mars.

At this point we decided to call it a day and take the bus back to the hotel. Tomorrow is Saturday and my daughter is off so we will spend the day at Disney's Animal Kingdom.

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