Thursday, November 14, 2013

October, 2013 Trip Report - Day 6

Day 6

Tonight we fly home, so the order of the day this morning is to pack and leave the room. Most of our packing was done last night, so this morning we head to the makeshift food court as usual for breakfast and then finish the last minute packing back in the room. Once done, we bring our luggage to airline check-in where we hand over our suitcases and receive our boarding passes. Although we have reservations for this evening on Disney's Magical Express, our daughter will be able to drive us to the airport, giving us a bit of extra time.

We hand our carry-ons to the hotel's luggage services and head towards EPCOT, where we will meet our daughter during her lunch break and she will get us in to the park. It feels strange today as we board the bus, since I do not have my camera with me. My day "carry around" case had to be packed into a suitcase, and everything else was in the backpack which gets carried on the plane with me ... and I didn't feel like bringing that heavy thing into the park. However, is anyone ever entirely without a camera today? I had my phone with me so I had a camera if I wanted to take any pictures.

We arrive at the usual spot - where we meet our daughter at the entrance to EPCOT - and she is shortly there as well. Once inside, she heads back to work and we head into Future World. Although the International Food and Wine Festival is still in full swing, we decide that we will stay in Future World today and do the things that we hadn't done all week while we were partaking of all the goodies in World Showcase.

A quick stop at the Magic Band kiosk by the pin station yields FastPass+'s for Soarin' and Spaceship Earth. I chose a 2 attraction set as all of the 3 attraction sets included one time past when we would have to leave the park. Next stop, a coffee at Starbucks. While it is still warm, it is quite comfortable compared to the 90° plus days we have had this entire trip.

My wife decides she wants to see Captain EO - but not ride through the attraction first - so we head there and don't have a long wait as the pre-show starts as we get there. The movie is showing its age - most especially in the 3-D effects. Having gotten used to the 3-D technology of today, the shortcomings of Captain EO are obvious. Also, having seen it when it first made its appearance, it is obvious that the lasers used in the original show had not been replaced for this return engagement.

For lunch we head to The Land and easily find seats at Sunshine Seasons food court. Our FastPass+ for Soarin' is approaching, but we still have some time before our return window is here, so we take a trip on Living With The Land.

Once done, we are about 5 minutes from being able to use our FastPass+ so after a bathroom break, we are ready.

Keeping with today's theme of taking it easy, my wife next wants to see the movie Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable, and following that a 37 minute ride through Ellen's dream at the Universe of Energy.

Our next stop is to look to see the wait time for Test Track. Standby is 80 minutes, but Single Rider shows only a 10 minute wait, so we decide to go that route. We design our cars and in less than the stated 10 minutes are boarding the ride.

It's time for our final FastPass+ of this trip so we head to Spaceship Earth, after which it is time to take the bus back to All Star Sports where we will meet our daughter. But first, before we leave the park, I want to buy a bucket of popcorn in this Halloween Mickey container.

We are met in the lobby of the hotel when our daughter finishes work for the day, and we drive to the airport, ending yet another visit to Walt Disney World. The flight home is on time and we arrive as planned.

The end? Well, it was supposed to be, but hang on ...

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