Monday, February 4, 2013

Disney by Sea & Land - Day 5

Day 5 - January 21
I get up early this morning as we are pulling into Cozumel, Mexico. As we approach the pier on which we will tie up, I see, off in the distance, the Disney Fantasy - one of the two newest ships in the DCL fleet - leaving port and heading back out to sea.

As we do on most mornings this cruise, we have a room service breakfast, and watch us pull up to the Punta Langosta pier where the ship will spend the day. Once we are tied up, another - much larger - cruise ship cruise ship pulls up on the other side of the pier. It's interesting watching its passengers watch us on our own veranda.

After breakfast we all meet and head off the ship to walk around the mall and stores near the dock. When we docked here 8 years ago, it was extremely hot and humid and quite uncomfortable. Today the weather is practically perfect. That trip we took an excursion to the Mayan ruins at Tulum - this time we will just stick around the port.

We walk through the mall and then take a short walk along the shore - checking out the stores and the restaurants. We also get a great view of our ship as we walk back. (Though the ship behind the Wonder is larger, only a piece of her stack can be seen behind it.)

For lunch we go to Señor Frogs - where it gets a bit wild ...

Eventually we head back onto the ship where naps are the order of the day ... again. Naps over, we all head to the movie theater where we watch Lincoln. I had seen it previously but no one else had, and it was definitely a movie I would not mind in the least seeing again.

After the movie it was dinner time, and my daughter and son-in-law are heading back to Palo themselves while the rest of us head back to Animator's Palette for our Pirate's Night meal.

After dinner, we meet up with the kids and go up on deck for the Pirates of the Caribbean party.

It's getting quite windy this evening, yet the captain (Fabian, not Hook) steers the ship so that despite the wind, the firework show that ends the evening can go ahead as planned.

After a visit to the ice cream station, it's time to head back to our rooms and get ready for tomorrow - our second full day at sea.


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