Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Where in WDW? Challenge 37

It's that time again ... did you know Where in WDW? last week's photo was?

You did if you said it was on the Tusker House building in Harambe in Disney's Animal Kingdom.

So now, for the 37th time I once again ask ... Where in WDW?

As always, make your guesses in the COMMENTS section below and then come back next week to see if you were correct.



  1. These would be a lot easier if you'd take them with a camera that had GPS on it. ;)

    But I'll hazard a guess and say China @ Epcot.

    1. If I had - be assured that all metadata would have been removed. ;-)

  2. Finally I recognize one, and I'm 8 hours behind the leader. Oh well, it's still one of the pillars around the water feature at China.